Morvarid Sabz Kavir

Desert Green Pearl Commercial Co. is a family owned Company with more than 100 years of experience in pistachio business and more than 200 Hectares of pistachio land, with comprehensive modern processing facilities located at Sirjan in Kerman province. Sirjan is known as one of the most important Pistachio centers with prime quality products in Iran.

Desert Green Pearl Commercial Co .is one of the leading manufacturers, processors and exporters of high premium quality of all varieties of Iranian Pistachio and pistachio kernel.

Today, Desert Green Pearl Commercial Co. devotes a special attention to every phase of pistachio industry to ensure the top quality and day customer satisfaction and believes that a long lasting profitable business relationship can be only achieved in the long run which will generate more Win-Win opportunities.

Desert Green Pearl Commercial Co. With extensive domestic trade and supplying local distributors as well as other exporters and having considerable export to all over the world specially EU, is still delighted and keen to explore new business opportunities throughout the world.

We pride ourselves to understand our clients’ requirement and our unwavering commitment define quality and service is our goal to make sure our clients benefit from their investment.

As Desert Green Pearl Commercial Co. is totally a client-centric company efficiently and diligently study customer specification to ship the desired quality, we perform mandated testing requirement based on the country of destination in our own laboratory under full control of ISIRI in this regard.

Consistent quality & converting satisfaction to loyalty is the code of our business.