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Fandoghi (Round)

This type of pistachio is one of the most popular and is in high demand in terms of exportation because of it’s affordable price. This

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Kalleghouchi (Jumbo)

Compared to round pistachios Jumbo pistachios are larger and longer and they have been growing for more than 4000 years. Iranian Jumbo pistachio is extraordinary

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Akbari is a type of long Iranian pistachio. It is the most expensive and exclusive type among all Iranian pistachios. The Shape is long they

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Ahmad Aghaei

Ahmad Aghaei is also a type of long pistachio. It is long in shape but the length is not always equal. This type of Iranian

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Closed shell pistachio

This type of pistachio is naturally closed. According to the customer needs, it turns into mechanically opened pistachio or natural kernels. All type of pistachios

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